Codol O, Forgaard CJ, Galea JM, Gribble PL (2021)

Sensorimotor feedback loops are selectively sensitive to reward

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Codol O, Gribble PL, Gurney KN (2020)

Differential dopamine receptor-dependent sensitivity improves action selection in the basal ganglia

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Codol O, Galea JM, Jalali R, Holland PJ (2020)

Reward-driven enhancements in motor control are robust to TMS manipulation

Experimental Brain Research

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Codol O, Holland PJ, Manohar SG, Galea JM (2020)

Reward-based improvements in motor control are driven by multiple error-reducing mechanisms

Journal of Neuroscience

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Codol O, Ariani G, Michaels JA (2020) (News & Views)

Aiming for stable control

Nature Neuroscience

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Holland PJ*, Codol O*, Oxley E, Taylor M, Hamshere E, Joseph S, Huffer L, Simpson D, Galea JM (2019) - * equal contribution

Domain-specific working memory, but not dopamine-related genetic variability, shapes reward-based motor learning

Journal of Neuroscience.

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Codol O, Holland PJ, Galea JM (2018)

The relationship between reinforcement and explicit control during visuomotor adaptation

Scientific Reports

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Holland PJ, Codol O, Galea JM (2018)

The contribution of explicit processes to reinforcement-based motor learning

Journal of Neurophysiology

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Thesis (2019)

Codol O - supervised by Joseph M. Galea, R. Chris Miall

The effect of reward on motor adaptation and motor control

University of Birmingham

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